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European mushrooms, as you’ve never tasted them before


Cultivated mushrooms lend themselves to a multitude of preparations, both raw and cooked. Simply give them a quick wash when preparing them fresh or drain them when using them canned. Thinly sliced, they can be used in salads, carpaccio, tartlets, or to top pizzas… Pan-fried, they enhance poultry stuffing, cream sauces, make delicious fricassees and omelettes, or can be blended into soups. They feature in many gastronomic and every-day recipes, such as Greek-style mushrooms, mushroom risotto, veal blanquette, beef Wellington… and most of them are very suitable as meat replacement, due to their unique texture and defined taste.

Better still, the excellent nutritional values of cultivated mushrooms make them suitable for a variety of diets: vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, low-salt, gluten-free…
Discover your future favorite mushroom dish below!